TLC - Merlot and e-mail don't mix

Whoa. What? 7 weeks?

Well lookee here. LJ says I haven't posted an entry for 7 weeks. Thinking about it, that's....about right, lol.

Maybe I should explain myself. Because it would've bee awkward if I just all the sudden posted and everyone was like, "what?".

I actually haven't had time...simple enough. Sorry. :/ I mean, I've had time, honestly, but updating my LJ didn't seem to be a priority. I sowwy. It's weird how the little voice in the back of my mind that keeps everyone from doing irrational things didn't remind me to update LJ.

So...if you're sick of me and my random breaks, you can escort yourself off my my f-list, please and thank you. I prolly deserve it.

And those of you who still love me no matter how many excuses I have, I wuv you guys too. ^^

Oh yeah...I'll put what I thought of season 2 of Psych so far in the next post...unless everyone decides that this was the final straw and hates me. *tear*
B@T - Bitch plz


So. Guess what happened? My computer desk has always been a wobbly little bugger. (It's all wobbly! It's too wobbly!) My cat jumped onto my monitor and - bang - it all went crash!

So now computer is broken and I have to use my teeny-tiny laptop with its teeny-tiny battery. Stupid windows.

And my laptop wasn't hooked up to the interwebz, so I couldn't use it until now.

But I'll have you know that the first thing I did is hauled ass to LJ. So now I'm here. Explaining this to you.

LOST - Kate

Let's make a deal...

I know you all might be busy with...staying alive, but I have a favor to ask you guys.

A couple favors:

1. Pwease go and participate at sawyerstillness? :] A 179-person community and only a couple people make icons...tsk tsk.

2. emilielims Just go and sign up.

3. kissmyicon. Sanjaya icons have been up, I just forgot to tell everyone.

4. If you can't participate in 1 & 2, then go an pimp them. Like mad.

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Maybe I'll write others!fic tomorrow.
LOST - Kate

Kate Withdrawal

Title: Kate Withdrawal
Rating: Hmm...PG-13 'cause I dropped the F-bomb
Summary: He missed glancing up sometimes and seeing her hovering above him, waiting to ask him to embark on some hunt or rescue mission.
Word Count: 376
Notes: Spoilers from the last episode.

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Those few people on my f-list: I added onto the version of this I posted. So yeah.
LOST - Kate

Hey there!

Hi everybody! If for some reason you think I'm lying, this is taffee_mandie's new LJ. Hoo-ray! I'll be posting more tomorrow afternoon because I'm tired. So if you're a night owl you can spend the rest of the night rejoicing that I'm back.

In black.